Skid Row Development Corporation

For over 30 years, SRDC has reached out to the City of Los Angeles'
homeless and low-income populations, offering services and economic
opportunities to rebuild their lives

Skid Row Development Corporation was established by the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles in 1978 to provide services and economic opportunities to the homeless and low-income individuals in Skid Row.  This action was the result of work initiated by the Skid Row Task Force, who concluded that “what happens in Skid Row ultimately affects the other proposed revitalization efforts in the Central Business District”.  As a result, the City Council and Community Redevelopment Agency designated Skid Row as the number one priority in the Central Business District’s Redevelopment Plan. 

Since its inception, Skid Row Development Corporation’s mission is to improve the lives of the homeless and low-income population of the Central City East community, commonly known as Skid Row, by providing shelter, board, counseling, job training, employment-placement and housing-placement to any adult free of charge.  The services we provide are vital since the Skid Row community has the largest concentration of homeless in Los Angeles.

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